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Health Insurance for Children in Missouri – Affordable Quotes

Posted on August 31, 2011 by Mark

Missouri is home to more than six million people and is known as the “Show Me State”. However, what most insurance companies in Missouri won’t show you nowadays is a health insurance policy for kids only. The absence of child-only policies can be traced back to the institution of the Health Care Reform Act. The changes stemming from this Act have gradually unfolded over time. One major change came about through the new law stating that no insurance company may deny coverage to a child with a pre-existing medical condition. As word of this change began to spread, child-only policies across the state of Missouri began to disappear.

The reason insurance companies hastened to drop child-only policies was to offset the new risks associated with insuring all children regardless of pre-existing conditions. By no longer offering child-only policies, insurance providers could require that adults have a policy through their company as well, which would help generate more revenue. This phenomenon swept through the nation, and today it is very difficult to find child-only health coverage. However, we believe that a child’s health is more important than the bottom line. This is why we continue to offer excellent fixed benefit plans through Assurant Health.

The policies aren’t only designed to give your child the health insurance they need and deserve, they are also designed with the flexibility to fit into your budget. Begin by filling out our online form, and then look over the quote you receive – the price may surprise you. But if you’re not satisfied or have questions, our friendly and professional representatives will be happy to assist you in understanding your options.

We believe in providing you with the best child-only health care policies available. Our Assurant Health plans give your child the coverage they need and the financial peace of mind that you deserve. Raising a child is hard and expensive, and the basic medical bills alone can be hard to manage. We’re here to help you overcome that hurdle and get the coverage you desire.

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