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Child Only Health Insurance in Wisconsin

Posted on August 28, 2011 by Mark

Even when children are the picture of perfect health, they still require frequent visits to a doctor for developmental checks, vaccinations, and other routine checkups. If you are a Wisconsin resident in Green Bay, Madison, or any other region of the state, you will want to be sure that your child is covered under some sort of health insurance plan. A good option for families that do not have a comprehensive group plan is child only health insurance Wisconsin. This gives children the basic level of coverage that they need to grow and thrive.

Another reason why it is a good idea to have child only health insurance in Wisconsin is that children are more prone to accidents and minor illnesses, from regular play and being around other children at school or in daycare. Without insurance, visits to the doctor to repair broken bones or get antibiotics for common ailments such as strep throat can cost hundreds if not thousands of dollars. It pays to purchase a basic policy that will cover routine visits as well as emergency care, at the very least. This will help give your child the best start in life, with good health that helps him or her thrive. Even if you are struggling to find coverage for your child since Health Care Reform passed into law, we still have options available with Assurant Health, they are a leading A rated company that will still issue policies for kids on there own under age 19. Request your quote today to find out if there plans are right for your child.

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