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Child Only Health Insurance in Arizona – We Still Have Plans

Posted on August 27, 2011 by Mark

Arizona is home to almost six and a half million residents and has a long history dating back well before European settlers.  While a lot has changed in the state over the years, one of the biggest recent changes is certainly the sudden difficulty in tracking down child only health insurance in Arizona.  Thanks to the passing of the Affordable Health Care Act, it’s never been more difficult to purchase a kids-only health insurance policy than it now is.  However, there are options out there if you know where to look, including some that are of the highest possible quality available.

Child only health insurance in Arizona is just what it sounds like.  It’s a type of health insurance that covers children without requiring them and them alone.  The health care reform bill required that no child be denied insurance coverage because of a pre-existing health condition.  As a result, insurance companies around the nation simply dropped child only policies and required that in order to get coverage a child would have to be added to an adult’s policy.  This way they can offset the added costs and expenses that come with providing insurance for all children regardless of health problems.

We believe that you and your children deserve health insurance, whether it’s a family plan or child only plan.  That’s why we offer Assurant Health insurance policies that provide the best insurance to you and your kids without forcing you to open your open account.  Sometimes adults simply can’t afford their own policy but want to insure their kids, or in some cases they’re covered by their employer but can’t add a child to the plan.  That’s where our policies come into play, and they can help you get the best possible insurance for your child without jumping through hoops or crawling through mountains of red tape.

By signing up for a fixed benefit child only policy in Arizona plan you’ll be able to get an easy to understand, easy to use insurance plan for your kids.  With an Assurant Health fixed benefit plan it will pay a set amount on each type of medical expense.  You’ll be required to pay the balance afterwards.  This eliminates the confusing deductibles that sometimes come with insurance programs and keep things simple.  If you’re ready to get your child the insurance that you thought was impossible to find, we’re ready to help you.

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